Adult Care Level 2

Adult Care Level 2 Image

Course Review:

Adult Care Workers are the frontline staff who help adults with care and support needs to achieve their personal goals and live as independently and safely as possible, enabling them to have control and choice in their lives.

Typical Role: Care Assistant, Care Worker , Support Worker 

What the entry requirement?

Candidates are required to have at least a Level 2 prior attainment (5 GCSE’s Grades A-C or equivalent). It is preferable that candidates have at least 1 years professional work experience.

What they will learn?

  1. Competence Qualification – Level 2 Diploma in Care (England), GLH= 269 hours, TQT = 460 Hours
  2. Care Certificate
  3. Transferable Skills (English and Maths)
  4. End Point Assessment

How the programme will be delivered?

The program will be delivered via face to face classroom, workshop, seminars, workplace observation and support remotely. The learner must be able to gain the job, right values and behaviour, communication. A trainer/coach will deliver high-quality face-to-face learning and coaching and provide all the resources your employee will need to progress quickly.

The level 2 Diploma in Care is designed to guide and assess the development of knowledge and skills relating to the adult care workforce.

The Programme Duration:

Typically will be completed within 15 months including End Point Assessment.

Assessment Methods:

Portfolio: Apprentices will submit portfolio to demonstrated their knowledge, skills and behaviour set in standard.

Component 1: Situational Judgement Test

The Situational Judgement Test is an onscreen test that will assess apprentices’ underpinning knowledge and knowledge of the skills required across the Apprenticeship Standard, in line with the Assessment Plan requirements.

Component 2: Professional Discussion

The Professional Discussion is a planned, structured discussion between the apprentice and the independent end-point assessor.