Are there any English language requirements?
Do I need any previous experience and qualifications?
Will there be an interview?
How do I choose the best course for me?
How do I apply for a course?



Do I have to pay for my assignments?
Do I receive Help and guidance while writing assignments?
How do I submit my assignments?
How many words do I have to write for my assignments?
When do I receive the assignments?
How long does the marking process take?



Is the online payment taken immediately?
Is there any financial assistance available?
Are there likely to be any additional costs?
What payment options are available?
How much do assessments cost?



Who are ATHE?
How are Universities linked to the modules?



Who are LCMT?
What do LCMT do?


Personal Details



Will I be able to get through to higher education through LCMT?
What potential job opportunities are there after I finish the course?


Student Support



What modules do I need to achieve a qualification?
Do I need a specific computer to study with LCMT?
Can I access my dashboard and study on my mobile and tablet?
What study materials do I need?
What is a Certificate of Completion?
How long will it take?
Does my previous study and experience count towards an LCMT course?
Can I personalise my study?
What do I get when all the modules and assessments are completed?
Do all modules have an exam?
How do assessments work?
What is an interactive learning module?


Studying outside the UK