Prime Provider to deliver UK Govt Approved Apprenticeship programmes

London College of Management and Technology is approved by the Eduction & Skills Funding Agency as the Prime Provider to deliver UK Govt Approved Apprenticeship Programmes. An apprenticeship is a paid job where the employee learns and gains valuable experiences. Alongside on-the-job training, apprentices spend at least 20% of their working hours completing classroom-based learning which leads to a nationally recognized qualification.


LCMT is currently offering the followings Apprenticeship programmes

  • Level 3 Business Administration
  • Level 3 Digital Marketer
  • Level 3 Senior Healthcare Support Worker
  • Level 2 Diploma in Commis Chef


About Apprenticeships

An apprenticeship is a practical training programme designed for practitioners across professions which allow them to gain on-the-job training while studying. The practitioner earns a

certificate or license by the end of their programme, after duly completing all the requisites. Apprenticeship fits perfectly in the terminology of a ‘Learn & Earn’ opportunity with a minimum requirement of 30 hours of employment requirements for each week, just like any regular employee would have. The apprentice also enjoys all employment benefits of paid holidays, employment contracts, and fair compensation for learning hours at the apprenticeship’s premises. Most employers pay above the minimum wage to all apprentices.


Become an Apprentice

Apprenticeship helps you get paid while you earn so that your employment is not hampered in the process of knowledge advancement. Through your apprenticeship with LCMT, you will have the benefit of off-the-job training, a contract of employment, and holiday leaves. We also ensure you are fully equipped with the necessary information and abilities required to pursue your desired career by the end of your programme.

The apprenticeship comes with several benefits, one of them being the ability to participate in practical work which pays you, just like a regular job. You not only learn through this work experience, but you also get off-the-job training that helps in undertaking training away from the workplace and receiving high-end training. This training gives you a better insight into your chosen career path and broadens the knowledge to explore more options.


How do Apprenticeships work?

Apprenticeship standards emphasize building relevant skills and advancing the existing knowledge of the learners while building a behavioral talent that’s required to have an edge in jobs. Some of our programmes come with additional qualifications associated with the profession a particular learner is pursuing to help them gain an advantage of a diverse education. English and Maths come as a requisite for completing an apprentice programme.

All apprenticeships support you to complete these during your course and the apprentice learns through daily tutorials led by industry experts and trainers. LCMT encourages the learner to participate in progress review meetings conducted once every eight weeks. These meetings are set alongside the respective Line manager so that constant support and maximum support and mentorship can be drawn.


End-Point Assessments

As the learner approaches the end of the programme, the Skills trainer and Line manager present an End-Point Assessment (EPA). This test measures the skills and knowledge gained through the apprenticeship and determines whether the student has sourced all the skills, knowledge, and experience as aimed at the beginning of the programme. These assessments are developed by employers and conducted by EPAOs (End-Point Assessment Organizations).


To be an apprentice, you must;

  • Be a UK/EU resident for the last three years
  • Not hold any qualification higher than the apprenticeship that you’re applying for
  • Not have any degree/study programme simultaneous to the apprenticeship
  • Comply with the employer’s criteria for apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are the best for someone who:

  • Understand their career path and requirements
  • Dedicated towards betterment – can manage work and study
    Competent to work with an employer
  • Can effectively accomplish tasks with the increasing demand of time and efficiency by employers
  • Intelligently completes written assessments such as essays, reports, end tests, and examinations.

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LCMT paves a way for advancement in careers with world-class delivery of vocational education with a hybrid mode of learning; Online learning and At-campus learning. We run parallel with the changing times and hence comply with the need of being flexible in supporting aspiring learners’ needs.


Why LCMT is an ideal institute for you

  • Ensure apprentices acquire updated skills required for the apprenticeship framework
  • Scheduled meetings to address and discuss the learner’s organization’s training such as Safeguarding support
  • In-depth and comprehensive overview of each programme
  • Continuous support in the completion of paperwork
  • Flexible back-end support through and after the programme, from recruitment to onboarding
  • Help in exploring access to the Apprenticeship Service Digital System that helps with multiple incentives and reserve funding
  • Tuition led by industry experts, advanced tutors, and dedicated assessors
  • Personalized feedback to help the student improve and adapt


Employer benefits of apprenticeship

  • Business development: 82% of employers accept apprentices to bring new skills into their business
  • Cost Reduction: Up to 100% of the funding could be redeemed for an apprenticeship
  • High results: it’s statistically proven that apprentices boost workplace productivity by
    £214 per week
  • Adept staff: The workforce with an apprenticeship is driven to contribute more to their organization, and stay true to it, hence minimizing staff turnover for any organization
  • Minimum hiring cost: You find the best fit for the profile if the applicant is an apprentice
  • Sharp skills: An apprentice undergoes advanced training, re-training, and upskilling in their tenure
  • Flexible schedule: Scheduling apprentice training becomes easier with flexible staff scheduling
  • Added benefits: Hiring an apprentice below the age of 25 enables you to not pay the Employer National Insurance Contribution


Level 3 Business Administration


The Level 3 Business Administration programme enables you to support and engage with different parts of the organization and interact with internal or external customers.

Occupational profile

Business administrators come with a set of transferable set of knowledge, skills, and behaviors that can be applied in small and big businesses alike, across all sectors. They may be required to work independently or in a team, involving the process of developing, implementing, maintaining, and improving administrative services.

Their roles and responsibilities include support and engagement with different parts of the organization while adding value to increase efficiency through the support of functional areas, working across teams, and resolving issues. The role requires the administrator to be flexible and responsive.

A Business Administrator is expected to demonstrate skills with integrity and a positive attitude. This includes strong communications, a proactive approach to initiative and managing priorities. Problem-solving, decision-making, and time management are the other areas they have to be strong at while mentoring and coaching others in the organization.


The apprenticeship will typically take between 12 and 18 months to complete.


This apprenticeship standard is at Level 3.


If a Business Administrator has not already achieved Level 2 English and Maths, they must do so before taking the end-point assessment.

Career progression

The administration role may be a gateway to further career opportunities, such as management or senior support roles.


Level 3 Digital Marketer


The Level 3 Digital Marketer programme trains the apprentice to use online and social media platforms to design, build, and implement campaigns and drive customer sales.

Occupational profile

Typically, a Digital Marketer defines, designs, builds and implements digital campaigns across a variety of online and social media platforms to drive customer acquisition, customer engagement, and customer retention. They work in teams and are responsible for some straightforward elements of the overall marketing plan or campaign. A Digital marketer reports to a Marketing manager, Digital marketing manager, or IT manager.


The apprenticeship will typically take 18 months to complete.


This apprenticeship standard is at Level 3.


Level 2 English and math’s will need to be achieved, if not already, prior to taking the end-point assessment.


Level 3 Senior Healthcare Support Worker


The Level 3 Senior Healthcare Support Worker programme helps individuals improve the overall health and well-being of society by providing quality healthcare with seniority–level expertise.

Senior healthcare support workers help registered practitioners deliver healthcare services to people.

Occupational profile

As a Senior Healthcare support worker, your job is to:

  • Help registered practitioners in delivering quality healthcare services
  • Perform a range of clinical and non-clinical healthcare or therapeutic tasks under the supervision of a registered healthcare practitioner
  • Deliver quality and compassion-led healthcare and do so while following standards, policies or protocols.
  • Your duties can apply to various healthcare institutes like the hospital, community health, or daycare unit, birth center or midwifery-led unit, patient’s home, operation theatre, nursing care home, assessment center, schools, prison, GP surgery, charity or voluntary organization
  • You have to work individually as well as collaboratively with individuals, families, careers, and other service providers.

As a Senior Healthcare support worker, you have greater areas of duties and a larger role in making decisions and taking charge of your duties yourself. Your superior will review your account and you’re expected to be an experienced healthcare worker who demonstrates best practices and acts as a role model to others. You may also need to supervise or guide the less experienced staff in your team and follow all guidelines set by the Code of Conduct for Healthcare Support Workers and Adult Social Care Workers.

Career Opportunities:

  • Adult nursing support
  • Maternity support
  • Theatre support
  • Mental health support
  • Children and young people support
  • Allied health profession – therapy support


The apprenticeship will typically take 18-24 months to complete.


This apprenticeship standard is at Level 3.



English and Maths

Apprentices without level 2 English and math’s will need to achieve this level prior to taking the End-Point Assessment. For those with an education, health and care plan or a legacy statement, the apprenticeship’s English and math’s minimum requirement is Entry Level 3. A British Sign Language (BSL) qualification is an alternative to the English qualification for those whose primary language is BSL.

Other Mandatory Qualifications

Level 3 Diploma in Healthcare Support

Industry-specific requirement

The apprentice must complete an induction that meets the 15 standards in the Care Certificate.


Level 2 Diploma in Commis Chef


The Level 2 Diploma in Commis Chef trains you for preparing food and carrying out basic cooking tasks in every section of the kitchen under the supervision of a senior chef.

Occupational profile

This occupation is applicable in the Hospitality industry and all its sectors. Commis Chefs can work in various settings such as restaurants, hotels, care homes/ hospitals, military establishments, and cruise ships. The wider purpose of this occupation is to provide support in the kitchen with a range of culinary offers such as preparing, cooking, and finishing the dishes while juggling multiple works in the kitchen. Commis chefs are like kitchen brigades who ensure food quality meets the brand status and organizational and legislative requirements including the completion of food safety management documentation.

Commis Chef receives, checks, and correctly stores deliveries and reports food stock levels. They contribute to improving the culinary offer of their organization. They interact with a team of chefs, front-of-house staff, suppliers, and customers. There might be unsociable hours of work, including early mornings, late evenings, weekends, and holidays. The employee of this occupation also ensures top food quality, and personal and kitchen hygiene. A Commis chef is supervised in their work and reports to a senior chef. In a smaller establishment, this may be the Head Chef or Chef Patron or maybe a Chef de Partie in a larger organization using the kitchen hierarchy system.


The apprenticeship will typically take 12 months to complete.


This apprenticeship standard is at Level 2.


English and math’s qualifications form a mandatory part of all apprenticeships and must be completed before an apprentice can pass through the gateway. The requirements are detailed in the current version of the apprenticeship funding rules.



  • How can I check my eligibility for the apprenticeship?
    A. To check your eligibility, kindly visit the dedicated page of your desired programme and select the course of your choice from the menu bar. This page will have information regarding your eligibility.
  • Can new learners apply for the apprenticeship program at LCMT?
    A. Yes. There are multiple courses available for new learners. Kindly visit the desired course to check your entry criteria.
  • Can I enroll in the Maths and English course without any prior knowledge of the subject?
    A. Yes, it’s open to everyone and anyone who doesn’t have any prior knowledge. However, a Screening test will be conducted to test your current understanding of the subject.
  • I’m looking for talented apprentices for my organization; how can I start the recruitment process?
    A. Go to ‘Tab 2’ and click on the Employer enquiry form provided. Please fill out that form and our team shall connect with you at the earliest with more information on the same.
  • Can you tell me the difference between the Level 2 Healthcare Support care worker and the Level 3 Senior Healthcare support worker?
    A. Yes, both vary greatly in the degree of expertise and the job responsibilities. Visit the respective pages to learn more about both of the programmers.
  • Will I become a certified apprentice by the end of my programme?A. Yes, you will earn your apprenticeship degree when you duly complete all the requisites for the programme.
  • Can I keep my job while I’m completing my apprenticeship?
    A. Yes, apprenticeship programmes offer you the ‘Learn and Earn’ opportunity which allows you to keep your employment while gaining new knowledge.
  • What are the requirements to be an apprentice?
    A. Please ensure that you are:
  •   Aged 16 at the time of enrolment.
  • Residing in the UK or European Economic Area (EEA) or have lived in the UK or EEA for the past three consecutive years.
  • Not already enrolled in full-time education at the point of enrolment.
  • Not already hold a qualification at the same level or above in the same area.
  • Do I have to pay a fee for my apprenticeship?
    A. If you are aged 16-24, your employer and the government will meet the tuition fees of your apprenticeship. As an employee, you will be paid a salary by your employer. However, you will need to cover your day-to-day living cost, rent, travel, cost and equipment.
  • How can I enroll myself for the apprenticeship?
    A. Please click “ apply now” or contact us to enroll on an apprenticeship. Please also visit our vacancy page
  • What is the duration to complete a course?
    A. Each apprenticeship has a different duration of completion. Kindly visit the respective course’s page for more information.
  • What is my career progression options once I complete my apprenticeship?
    A. An apprenticeship can open many doors and create new opportunities once completed and we will support and offer guidance on your next steps.
    Overall, you can:
  • Turn your apprenticeship into a permanent position
  • Progress onto a higher-level apprenticeship
  • Branch out into further employment

For more information, kindly visit the respective apprenticeship programmes page.

  • How will be my tutor, and what’s the teaching mode?
    A. LCMT is known for its world-class training and we achieve so by onboarding highly skilled tutors who are adept with practical and theoretical methods as per the current industry trends. We provide both online and offline teaching mode options.
  • What will be my career opportunities once I complete my apprenticeship as a Healthcare support worker?
  • What support will be provided to me during my training?
    A. LCMT gives full end-to-end support to its learners, some of which includes:
  • A comprehensive induction
  • Mentoring or regular one-to-one guidance
  • Social enrichment and networking opportunities
  • Performance review
  • Mental health and well-being support


English and Maths

What are Functional Skills

Functional Skills are essentially the daily skills required to carry out basic tasks with efficiency and confidence. These are the key components of any apprenticeship’s structural standards and

enable the learner to be better with fundamentals of their course. An apprentice can get empowered through Functional skills in the following ways;

  • Optimize their functional skills in everyday life
  • Interact, engage, and discuss more complicated topics using these basic functions with peers
  • Be better at problem-solving with both familiar and unfamiliar problems, and;
  • Grow in professional environment while also boosting their personal development


English, being a global language sets an advantage for anyone with a grip on it. The English course is designed for apprentices who are looking to become better and excel at basic language domains such as reading, listening, and speaking.

(Learn more)

  • Learning with interaction
  • Practice papers
  • Earn Level 1 & 2 English Functional skills certificate
  • Free/ Fully funder course
  • Additional support is available for learners who may require


Mathematics is one of the most applied skills in everyone’s life and every waking second, you’re doing calculations that help you get through the day. To have a strong grasp on the subject isn’t only a competitive advantage but also a necessity.

With our innovative, interactive, and non-monotonous teaching methods, we train apprentices on a rather tricky skill with ease. Our world-class institute only follows the best-suited teaching methods and makes math’s fun for all! You learn via discussions, classroom study, and fun assignments that makes you a natural at numbers. Here’s how this functional skill prepares you;

  • Gives a strong conceptual understanding
  • Interactive classroom learning model
  • Brain-teasing exercises to boost your confidence and enthusiasm to learn more
  • Earn Level 1 & 2 Maths Functional skills certificate
  • opt for a Free or Fully-funded course
  • Additional support for learners who desire

Functional Skills

How it works

Initial Assessment

We evaluate your growth with brief assessment that help the learners put a pin on the strong and weak spots. This identification also helps us to formulate the best-in-case learning programme for the learner and project a better way of learning.

Diagnostic Assessment

The diagnostic assessment gets in the roots of your learning and evaluate the different elements of the course and your competency in each of them. This helps the learner to understand precisely what’s their strong suits and which areas require more work. This assessment is truly what you need to keep you learning afloat with winning outcomes.

Bespoke individual learning plan

This is the last leg of the plan which making your fully equipped to appeared and ace at your final exam. The Individual Learning Plan (ILP) helps you prepare with support of practice papers and assessments, video clips, and other helpful resource material.

LCMT has the best offers in the deck for learner who are committed to scale their knowledge and learning. We offer nationally-recognized certificate at a course level that is best-suited for you. At the end of your programme, you will be more informed, confidence, and qualified to unlock new pathways.