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The Level 5 Extended Diploma in Accounting and Finance offered by LCMT London, and accredited by Ofqual, UK, aims to equip learners with a comprehensive understanding of both accounting and finance within the wider business framework. This qualification is specifically designed to provide practical, industry-relevant skills enabling effective management of business finances, budgeting, and cash flow, essential for fostering business growth. Graduates will acquire the knowledge and skills vital for careers across various sectors where accounting and financial expertise is crucial for management roles.

Top Skills You Will Learn:

You will gain an understanding of accounting and finance within the broader business context. The programme will furnish you with practical, industry-focused skills to effectively manage business finances, budgets, and cash flow, enabling you to play a key role in business growth.

Who is this Programme For?

This programme is suitable for Working Professionals, A-Level holders, and professionals across various industries seeking a career in finance and accountancy.


This qualification opens up immense career opportunities, from banking to manufacturing, from extensive service industries to micro-businesses. It provides you with the ability to manage, plan, and account for money, which remains the ultimate measure of business success and the primary driver of growth.

Upon successful completion, learners will possess specialised abilities and the technical vocabulary necessary to enhance their expertise in accounting, finance, and business management. This solid foundation prepares graduates for further academic pursuits or direct entry into the professional world.


The Level 5 Extended Diploma in Accounting and Finance, provided by LCMT London and accredited by Qualifi, UK (Qualification number RQF: 610/3329/7), offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to develop an in-depth understanding of both accounting and finance within the broader context of business. This programme, through its structured modules, prepares learners for significant managerial roles and further studies by focusing on essential skills for financial management, strategic business planning, and ethical considerations in the corporate world. The course encompasses 240 credits, mirroring the educational scope of the first two years of an honours degree.

The mandatory units for this qualification are:

Accounting in a Business Context (20 credits, Level 4)

  • Economics for Business (20 credits, Level 4)
  • Mathematical Accounting Methods (20 credits, Level 4)
  • Financial Accounting (20 credits, Level 4)
  • Management Accounting (20 credits, Level 4)
  • Leadership and Management in Accounting (20 credits, Level 4)
  • Financial Management (20 credits, Level 5)
  • Financial Planning and Control (20 credits, Level 5)
  • Financial Reporting (20 credits, Level 5)
  • Principles and Practices of Taxation (20 credits, Level 5)
  • Management of People (20 credits, Level 5)
  • Ethics and Corporate Responsibility in Business (20 credits, Level 5)


  • Undergraduate Level Programme: This course is the springboard to a three-year undergraduate university degree, serving as the inaugural step towards academic and professional excellence. Upon completion, you have the pathway to:
    • Progress to the final year of an esteemed UK university’s three-year honours degree programme.
    • Advance to Level 6 diploma courses
    • Direct entry into a career within a related profession.
  • Certification Accreditation: Our programme awarded by Qualifi, holds accreditation from OfQual (Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulation), a distinguished UK Government authority.
  • Qualification Identification:** Qualification Number: 610/3329/7


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    Program Overview

    Key Highlights:

    • Program Duration: 12 Months
    • Program Credits: 240
    • Designed for working Professionals
    • Format: Online
    • No Written Exam. The Assessment is done via Submission of Assignment
    • Tutor Assist available
    • Dedicated Student Success Manager
    • Timely Doubt Resolution
    • Regular Networking Events with Industry Professionals
    • Direct entry into the final year of a three-year UK Bachelor’s degree
    • LCMT London Alumni Status
    • No Cost EMI Option