Assignment-Based Learning at LCMT London

LCMT London is committed to offering an enriching educational experience that prepares students for the real world. Central to our pedagogical approach is assignment-based learning, an innovative strategy that places emphasis on practical assessments over traditional exams. This method aligns with our goal to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their careers.

Unique Assessment Strategy

At LCMT London, we believe that assignments and assessments are critical to the learning process. Completing an assignment offers students the chance to showcase their understanding and application of the course material. Moreover, the feedback received on these assignments is invaluable, providing students with a clear gauge of their achievement relative to the course’s standards and the college’s expectations.

Our unique assessment strategy is designed to maximise the educational benefits of assignment-based learning. By focusing on practical assignments, we encourage students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, enhancing both their learning experience and their employability.

LCMT London’s Assignments and Assessment Policy

To ensure fairness and to foster an environment where all students can demonstrate their capabilities, LCMT London has established a comprehensive Assignments and Assessment Policy. This policy outlines the expectations for both students and faculty, detailing the process from assignment submission to feedback and grading.

Key Components of Our Policy Include:

  • Equality of Opportunity: Every student has an equal chance to showcase their abilities through assignments that are carefully designed to be inclusive and accessible to all.
  • Clear and Concise Instructions: Assignments come with detailed guidelines, ensuring students understand the objectives, scope, and criteria for assessment.
  • Timely and Constructive Feedback: Feedback is provided promptly and is constructive, offering insights into areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. This feedback loop is crucial for student development and learning.
  • Consistency in Assessment: Our faculty are trained to grade assignments consistently and fairly, using transparent criteria that are aligned with the learning outcomes of the course.
  • Support and Resources: LCMT London provides ample resources and support to help students succeed in their assignments. This includes access to digital libraries, academic writing workshops, and one-on-one consultations with faculty.

Partnering with Recognised Awarding Bodies

LCMT London collaborates with renowned awarding bodies, such as Qualifi UK, ATHE and others to offer qualifications that require assignment-based assessments. These partnerships ensure that our programmes meet high-quality standards and are recognised both nationally and internationally. By aligning our curriculum with the requirements of these awarding bodies, we ensure that our students receive a qualification that is respected by employers and institutions worldwide.

The Benefits of Assignment-Based Learning

This approach to learning and assessment has numerous benefits, including the development of critical thinking skills, the ability to apply theory to practice, and improved problem-solving capabilities. It also prepares students for the kind of tasks and challenges they will face in their professional lives, making them more adaptable and resilient.