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Embark on a journey with LCMT London’s MBA programme to transform your career and step into the role of a strategic thinker and leader in the business world.

Welcome to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme, a distinguished postgraduate offering that holds significant value in the eyes of prominent employers. This course is designed to enhance your earning potential, elevate your professional standing, and widen your circle of professional connections. If you are a graduate with business acumen and aspirations for a remarkable career trajectory, our MBA programme is tailored for you.

The 12-month intensive MBA programme at LCMT London is structured to sharpen your analytical, creative, and independent thinking skills through a two-stage, immersive, and rigorous curriculum. With the flexibility of combining work and study, accessible from any location at any time, this programme offers a cost-effective solution whilst granting the same prestigious degree awarded to on-campus full-time students.

This programme transcends traditional academic boundaries, immersing you in real-world business challenges and encouraging you to apply your knowledge and skills to solve complex problems. This strategic approach to business and management education is designed to equip you with the necessary skills to play a pivotal role in the strategic decisions that shape the future of organisations.

Programme Overview

Key Features of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) at LCMT London, awarded by the Girne American University :

  • Globally Recognised Qualification: Earn a degree acknowledged worldwide.
  • Programme Duration: Complete your MBA in just 12 months. Options for 18 or 24 months are also available for those needing a more flexible schedule.
  • Credits: The programme consists of 180 credits.
  • Designed for Working Professionals: Tailored to fit the schedules of busy professionals.
  • Delivery Format: Entirely online, allowing for study from anywhere at any time.
  • Exclusive Student-to-Faculty Ratio: Benefit from a close-knit learning environment with a 15:1 student-to-faculty ratio.
  • Assessment Method: No traditional exams; assessment through assignments and a comprehensive University Dissertation Project.
  • Equivalent to On-Campus Degree: Online students receive the same degree as their on-campus counterparts.
  • Comprehensive Study Materials: All-encompassing study resources and e-library access provided at no extra cost.
  • Support and Guidance: Access to tutors, a dedicated Student Success Manager, and timely doubt resolution.
  • Networking Opportunities: Regular events connecting you with industry professionals.
  • Pathway to Doctorate: Qualify for direct entry into relevant Doctorate or PhD programmes.
  • Alumni Status: Become part of the esteemed LCMT London Alumni community.
  • Flexible Payment Options: No Cost EMI available for financial ease.
Programme Outline

The Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) offered at LCMT London stands as a prominent postgraduate credential, esteemed by leading corporate entities. This programme is a catalyst for career advancement, designed to magnify your earning potential, professional stature, and networking horizons. It is an excellent fit for individuals with a foundational business background and aspirations of a progressive career trajectory. 

Stage 1: Core Modules Total Accumulated Credits: 90

The initial phase at LCMT London is facilitated through our state-of-the-art online Learning Management System (LMS). This integral phase culminates in the granting of a Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, representing 120 credits (60 ECTS).

Compulsory Learning Outcomes (90 Credits):

  • Optimising Team Performance to Align with Strategy (15 credits)
  • Strategic Information Management and Decision Making (15 credits)
  • Governance of Strategic Management Projects (15 credits)
  • Formulating Strategic Direction (15 credits)
  • Designing Strategic Plans (15 credits)
  • Evolving as a Strategic Manager (15 credits) 

Stage 1: Selective Units Additional Credits: 30
(Choose two units to achieve a total of 120 credits) 

Selective Learning Outcomes:

  • Managerial Finance (15 credits)
  • Strategic Marketing Management (15 credits)
  • Strategies for Organisational Change (15 credits)
  • Human Resources Strategy and Planning (15 credits)

Stage 2: Administered by LCMT Faculty and Awarded by Girne American University, Duration: 4 months

Credits for Completion: 60

Following the Level 7 Diploma programme, students will advance to the prestigious Stage 2, which is administered by the LCMT Faculty and awarded by the Girne American University. This stage represents the pinnacle of your MBA journey, culminating in the top-up degree that confers the MBA qualification.

While the programme is delivered and administered by the experienced faculty at LCMT London, Girne American University will award the final degree. The university maintains stringent external verification controls and checks to ensure academic standards and quality.

Throughout Stage 2, you will engage in an advanced curriculum designed to integrate and apply the theories, models, and concepts you have learned throughout the programme to real-world business challenges. You will benefit from extensive interaction with distinguished faculty members and industry experts, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of contemporary business practices and theories.

Upon successful completion of this rigorous stage, you will be awarded 60 credits (equivalent to 30 ECTS) and will earn the prestigious MBA degree from the Girne American University. This qualification is globally acknowledged and accredited, serving as a testament to your expertise in business leadership and management. It signifies not only your academic achievement but also your readiness to take on significant leadership roles in the business world.

Stage 2 Modules:

  • Research Methods: This module equips you with essential research skills, methodologies, and tools necessary for academic and professional research. It prepares you for the dissertation by enhancing your ability to design, conduct, and analyse research effectively.
  • Dissertation: The dissertation is a substantial and pivotal piece of independent work that requires you to conduct an in-depth exploration of a specific business problem or opportunity. This comprehensive project is designed to integrate and apply the theories, models, and concepts you have learned throughout the programme to a real-world business issue. By engaging in this detailed investigation, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to think strategically and solve complex problems. You will be expected to critically analyse the issue, evaluate various solutions, and propose well-founded recommendations based on your findings. This process will not only test your academic knowledge but also enhance your practical skills in research, analysis, and strategic decision-making. The dissertation represents a culmination of your studies, allowing you to showcase your expertise and insights gained during the course. It serves as a testament to your ability to tackle significant business challenges and provides a platform to highlight your potential as a future business leader.

Top Skills You Will Acquire:

The LCMT London’s 12-month MBA programme is your gateway to a prosperous career, enhancing your functional expertise, strategic insight, and problem-solving capabilities.

Ideal Candidates for This Programme:

This programme is perfect for working professionals, successful managers, executives, and individuals aiming to elevate their careers or embark on entrepreneurial ventures.

Entry Requirements:

  • An undergraduate/bachelor’s degree in a related field or a UK level 6 diploma or equivalent international qualification.
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old at the start of the programme.
  • Mature learners (over 21 years) without formal qualifications may apply, provided they have 5 years of relevant management experience.


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    Career Opportunities

    Graduates are well-positioned for a variety of roles, including:

    • Business Leaders
    • Senior Government Officials
    • Managers in Non-Profit Organisations
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Venture Capitalists
    • Consultants
    • Executive positions across various functions such as accounting, finance, marketing, sales, and communication
    Key Benefits
    • Elevate Your Earnings: Unlock the potential for a significant salary uplift.
    • Enhance Your Professional Image: Gain recognition and respect in the professional community.
    • Broaden Your Network: Access unparalleled networking opportunities with peers and industry leaders.
    • Further Academic Pursuits: Provides a pathway to MPhil/ PhD courses.

    Join the Girne American University’s MBA programme at LCMT London and transform your career trajectory. Leverage the flexibility, comprehensive curriculum, and prestigious credentials offered by the Girne American University to become a strategic leader in the global business landscape.