Level 7 Diploma in Human Resource Management

120 Credits

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The Level 7 Diploma in Human Resource Management, accredited by Qualifi and recognised by Ofqual, the UK’s governmental regulator, is meticulously crafted to cater to the developmental needs of senior and middle management professionals. This advanced diploma is structured to enhance the strategic management and operational capabilities of those at the helm of business affairs, facilitating their upward mobility within their respective organisations.

Learners embarking on this journey will gain the acumen to identify, analyse, and strategically respond to business challenges and opportunities with an informed perspective. The curriculum is not designed to make learners experts in all facets of business but to equip them with a comprehensive understanding of the available specialist functions and services that can bolster their managerial effectiveness.

Incorporating contemporary subjects, the syllabus reflects the dynamic nature of the 21st-century business landscape and integrates the latest in management research, offering learners insights into current trends and practices

Program Highlights
  • Duration: Tailored to fit within 9 months, with a fast-track option available for professionals.
  • Credit Accumulation: Total of 120 credits.
  • Designed For: Specifically aimed at working professionals seeking to enhance their strategic management and leadership skills.
  • Delivery Method: Entirely online, providing flexible learning opportunities.
  • Assessment Methodology: Evaluation based on assignment submission, omitting the need for traditional examinations.
  • Support System: Comprehensive support including tutor access, a dedicated student success manager, and a mechanism for timely resolution of queries.
  • Networking Opportunities: Regularly scheduled networking events with industry leaders and professionals.
  • Alumni Benefits: Graduates become part of an esteemed alumni network.
  • Financial Flexibility: Accessible payment plans available,


Career Advancement and Progression

Upon successful completion, learners are poised to progress to higher education and professional realms, such as:

  • Pursuing an MBA or a Master’s Degree at a UK or international university.
  • Advancing to Level 8 Diploma qualifications.
  • Seamless transition into employment within the HR sector and related fields.

University Pathways and Career Opportunities

Qualifi’s Level 7 Diploma offers exemptions for advanced standing in Master’s Degree programmes, typically requiring the completion of a dissertation, through established pathways with numerous universities.

This qualification opens doors to a range of career opportunities, including but not limited to:

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Benefits Analyst/Manager
  • HR Information Systems Manager
  • Labour Relations Manager

Endorsed and regulated by Ofqual, the diploma ensures eligibility for progression to top-up degrees, Master’s programmes, or MBAs at many esteemed universities in the UK and overseas, often granting advanced standing to the learners.

Programme Outline

The Level 7 Diploma in Human Resource Management is structured to address the strategic requirements of senior and middle managers within organisations, preparing them for advanced leadership roles. This course ensures that managers are well-versed in critical business issues, capable of conducting in-depth analyses, and adept at making informed decisions. While a comprehensive understanding of all business facets isn’t mandatory, a broad awareness of available specialist resources and their potential to support managerial functions is crucial. This programme encapsulates modern topics that mirror the core challenges and innovations within the 21st-century business arena, alongside the forefront of management research.

Curriculum Components

This diploma encompasses 6 core modules, accumulating to a total of 120 credits:

  1. Contemporary Human Resource Management (20 credits, 4 weeks) – Focuses on the latest HR practices and their impact within the contemporary business ecosystem.
  2. Leading, Managing, and Human Resource Development (20 credits, 4 weeks) – Explores effective leadership, management strategies, and the development of human resources.
  3. Resourcing, Talent Management, and Development (30 credits, 4 weeks) – Discusses strategic approaches to talent acquisition, management, and development essential for organisational success.
  4. Performance Management (20 credits, 4 weeks) – Examines methodologies and strategies for efficacious employee performance management.
  5. Employee Relations (10 credits, 4 weeks) – Analyses the significance of fostering positive employee relationships for the benefit of organisational health.
  6. Investigating a Business Issue from a Human Resource Perspective (20 credits, 4 weeks) – Encourages comprehensive research into a pertinent HR issue within a business setting.


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    Important Course Information

    Qualification Type:

    • Postgraduate Course, paving the way for progression to:
      • MBA or Master’s Degrees at UK or international universities
      • Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management
      • Direct entry into associated professional roles
    • Accreditation: This qualification is endorsed by Qualifi and accredited by Ofqual, the UK Government’s Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulation.

    Qualification Code: 603/0722/5

    Programme Overview
    • Global Alumni Network: Over a thousand successful graduates
    • Study Schedule: Customisable
    • Mode: Online Interactive Learning
    • Evaluation: Continuous coursework assessment
    • Accreditation: Qualifi-endorsed, Ofqual-regulated
    • Recognition: Worldwide accreditation
    • Enrolment: Open year-round
    • Support: Ongoing live webinars
    • Alumni Privileges: Membership to LCMT London’s exclusive circle
    • Payment: Flexible, interest-free options