LCMT London Board of Governors

Ambassador K.V. Rajan

Chairman, Board Of Governors

His Excellency K. V. Rajan is a former member of the Indian Foreign Service. He has served in many senior diplomatic assignments, including the rank of Ambassador, in a number of countries including France, USA, UK, Zambia, Algeria and Nepal.

His Excellency Ambassador Rajan holds over a dozen positions within various Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations including several institutions of higher learning.

Prasenjit Kumar PhD


Dr Prasenjit Kumar, an engineer by profession, has dedicated over two decades to fostering education in the UK through his active involvement in multiple educational initiatives. As the esteemed Chairman of LSMT London, he oversees the institution’s overall management and guides its strategic direction. His commitment to education and community development was recognised in 2016 when he was honoured with the Global Achievers Award by the Citizens Integration Peace Society, a testament to his significant contributions to the field. Dr. Prasenjit Kumar’s visionary leadership continues to shape the future of education, making lasting impacts on students and the broader community.

He is a devotee of Anand Murti Jee, the founder of Anand Marga Organization. The philosophy of Ananda Marga is a synthetic outlook, recognizing a theistic singularity or ‘Supreme Consciousness’, which is claimed to be both transcendental and manifested in all. Dr Kumar intends to practice Sadhana, Service & Sacrifice, which are the fundamentals of human values.

Marie Haughey, MBE

Member of LCMT Advisory Council


Marie Haughey has worked for over 40 years in the Civil Service. She served the UK Border Agency as Regional Head of the Passport Agency in Northern Ireland, which, under her leadership, consistently delivered a most efficient and effective passport service. Later she served as an Assistant Director in the UK Border Agency, and for her exemplary public service was honoured with an MBE by Her Majesty the Queen.

David Webb

Member of LCMT Advisory Council Superintendent Commander Of Police (Retired)

David Webb worked in the police force for more than 25 years. He joined the Hertfordshire Constabulary and transferred to the West Midlands Police before retiring as Superintendent Commander of Police in Birmingham. He pioneered Community Policing and is the author of ‘Policing the Rainbow,’ which promotes the philosophy and practice of policing a multi-racial society. He is Past President of the Handsworthy Rotary Club and has been honoured with the International Paul Harris Fellowship Award.

Rajesh Kumar Singh

Member of LCMT Board of Governors Senior Director of Academic & Business Development

With over 25 years in education, Rajesh Kumar Singh has an illustrious tenure as an IAS trainer and a recipient of the ‘Best Educationist’ award. His academic journey is diverse, with qualifications in Biology, Education, History, and a NET for Assistant Professorship in History. Specialising in Personality Development and Motivational Speaking, he has also authored lectures on success and management, and contributions to cultural and international relations education. His leadership at LCMT London is geared towards driving academic innovation and excellence on a global scale.

Peter Sage

Advisor, LCMT London

Peter Sage has been working in the academic area for the last 10 years and is serving as an Adjunct Professor of George Washington University. He provides exceptional guidance and support to the academic department of LCMT London. He is also the co-ordinator of AMURT, which is affiliated with the United Nations, and has travelled to over 70 countries to coordinate various social service activities worldwide. Under his leadership AMURT was granted a recent substantial US Federal grant to tender services in Africa.

Mr. Peter Bowyer

Advisor, LCMT London

Peter Bowyer is a lead Trainer for Pearson, which is an internationally recognised leading degree awarding organisation. He is a visiting professor in the UK who has held high positions at several UK degree-awarding institutions for the past over 20 years. His contributions in academics are well known in both public and private sectors within the UK and Europe.

Dr Charles Chatterjee

LLM (Cambridge), Ph.D. (London) , Barrister Advisor LCMT London

Dr Charles Chatterjee who studied law at the University of Cambridge and the University of London held several professorial positions in international commercial and criminal law at UK Universities. Dr Chatterjee is also a Barrister in England and Wales and has been practising law for over 20 years. He is currently a Senior Associate Fellow of Warwick University and an Associate Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London and a visiting academic at London Diplomatic Academy.

He was appointed by the World Health Organisation as a Rapporteur several times to develop scientific papers on issues such as family health care, aid and prevention He was also a legal consultant to the Commonwealth Secretariat for a considerable period of time also advises various governments on legal issues and provides training to government officials. Dr Chatterjee has published extensively in the form of books and articles in reputable referred journals on various aspects of public international law, international economic law, energy law, and international commercial law, including banking, trade, investment, international commercial arbitration as well as health and criminal law programmes for over 20 years. He has also successfully supervised a considerable number of Ph.D. theses at various British universities.