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The MSc in Project Management at LCMT London is a comprehensive online programme designed to cater to the unique and evolving needs of aspiring and current project managers. Recognising the individuality in management styles, this 12-month course empowers you to craft a personalised approach to project management, blending core management principles with advanced project management techniques.

Ideal for both recent graduates and seasoned professionals, the programme aims to enhance your project management capabilities, enabling you to lead projects and teams effectively. Through an entirely online format, the course offers the flexibility to pursue advanced education without pausing your career or personal commitments.

Program Overview

Key Highlights of this 12-month MSc in Project Management qualification include:

  • Fully Recognised and Globally Accepted Degree
  • Programme Duration: 12 Months
  • Programme Credits: 180
  • Designed for Working Professionals
  • Format: Online
  • Student to Faculty Ratio of Just 15:1
  • No Written Exam. Assessment is Conducted via Submission of Assignments
  • Same Degree Awarded to Full-Time Students at the University Campus
  • Study Material: Comprehensive Study Material and E-Library Support Available at No Additional Cost
  • Tutor Assistance Available
  • Dedicated Student Success Manager
  • Timely Doubt Resolution
  • Regular Networking Events with Industry Professionals
  • Eligibility for Direct Entry into Relevant Doctorate / PhD Programmes


Top Skills You Will Acquire:

The MSc in Project Management 12-month programme is widely regarded as a passport to a successful career in the Project Management domain. It showcases your functional competence, strategic knowledge, and problem-solving ability. The module is designed to significantly contribute to your professional and intellectual development by enabling you to demonstrate your capacity for sustained independent thought, learning, and critical reflection.

Ideal Candidates for This Programme:

The MSc in Project Management 12-month programme is ideal for working professionals, successful managers, executives, and professionals who wish to elevate their career to a new level, as well as ambitious individuals seeking to fast-track their chosen career or start a new enterprise.

Career Opportunities:

Upon successful completion of your online MSc in Project Management degree over 12 months, you will also become eligible for direct entry into relevant Doctorate or PhD degree programmes. Additionally, this MSc in Project Management 12-month programme offers you a wide range of career paths in the Project Management domain.

 Entry Requirements:

  • An undergraduate/bachelor’s degree in a related field or a UK level 6 diploma or equivalent international qualification.
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old at the start of the programme.
  • Mature learners (over 21 years) without formal qualifications may apply, provided they have 5 years of relevant management experience.
Sample Certificate:
Programme Outline

Our online MSc Project Management is specifically designed for individuals seeking to forge their path in project management. Recognising the individuality of management styles, this programme supports the development of a personalised approach to project management, grounded in robust management practises and specialised skills. Ideal for recent graduates or professionals aiming to enhance their project management capabilities, this entirely online course facilitates career advancement alongside personal commitments. It focuses on cultivating a unique management style, leading and managing projects and teams effectively, and mastering various specialised project management principles, systems, and techniques. Given the high demand for project managers across a broad spectrum of industries and organisations globally, this course aims to equip you with the necessary knowledge, transferable skills, and confidence to explore numerous career opportunities. The versatility of project management skills ensures that graduates are highly sought after in diverse sectors.


Stage 1:
Core Modules:

  1. Project Management Techniques (30 Credits): This module introduces effective planning, execution, and project closure methodologies, equipping learners with the skills to manage projects successfully.
  2. Strategic Management for Project Managers (30 Credits): Focuses on strategic decision-making and leadership skills necessary for project management, enhancing the ability to guide projects in alignment with broader organisational goals.
  3. Financial Management and Risk Analysis for Project Managers (20 Credits): Emphasises financial planning, control, and the assessment and management of risks within project settings, critical for ensuring project success and sustainability.
  4. Advanced Research Methods (20 Credits): Offers insights into research methodologies relevant to project management, preparing learners for data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement in project processes.
  5. Innovation and Change Management (20 Credits): Examines the strategies for driving innovation and effectively managing change within projects, crucial for adapting to evolving market demands and organisational growth.


Stage 2: University-Led
Credits for Completion: 60

Following the Level 7 Diploma programme, you may progress/Top-up with an MSc in Project Management degree through a UK University. Stage 2 is conducted online by university professors. Credits earned at this stage amount to 60 credits (30 ECTS). Completing Stage 2 results in the awarding of an MSc in Project Management degree from the University.



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    Key Benefits
    • Develop a unique management style: Embrace and refine your approach to project management, guided by established practises and specialised skills.
    • Online learning flexibility: Advance your career and knowledge in project management without sacrificing your current professional or personal responsibilities.
    • Industry-relevant skills: The curriculum is designed to imbue you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence essential for tackling project management roles across various sectors.
    • Further Academic Pursuits: Provides a pathway to MPhil/ PhD courses.
    Programme Overview
    • Global Alumni Network: Over a thousand successful graduates
    • Study Schedule: Customisable
    • Mode: Online Interactive Learning
    • Evaluation: Continuous coursework assessment
    • Accreditation: Qualifi-endorsed, Ofqual-regulated
    • Recognition: Worldwide accreditation
    • Enrolment: Open year-round
    • Support: Ongoing live webinars
    • Alumni Privileges: Membership to LCMT London’s exclusive circle
    • Payment: Flexible, interest-free options