About Us

LCMT online programmes

London College of Management and Technology is an independent education and training provider specializing in expert-driven programmes in Business, Computing, Health Care, and Hospitality Management areas. These programmes are offered at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels including English language programmes. Our programmes offer advanced knowledge, skills, and values needed to succeed in the international job market, embellishing any student’s employability towards becoming an ingenious entrepreneur.

LCMT online programmes are tailor-made so that the learners and employers make the most of their time with us, while learning what they pursue. Each programme has a flexible structure and start dates throughout the year with competitive fees. This is why LCMT is an ideal institution for anyone embarking on their career or as an alternative route to a degree, postgraduate, or professional qualification. You can also fast-track a degree including a final year at a chosen university instead of taking the regular three-year course.

All our pathway programmes are Ofqual-approved and provide several progression routes to the traditional UK universities. Our International MBA and other master’s programmes are fully accredited and specially designed for working professionals globally. The unique characteristic of LCMT is the local-to-global approach in the provision of our degrees and courses. Student exchange programmes and internships with multinational companies serve as highlights of this unique student experience. Whichever subject you choose to consider, our courses are designed to apply your developing expertise to real-life projects, so you’ll be ready for the world of work. The cost of these programmes is up to 90% less, compared to the mainstream traditional UK universities.

Why choose LCMT?

  • Offering online and blended learning solutions
  • Fully Accredited and quality job-oriented programmes
  • Affordable Fees up to 90% less as compared to traditional Universities
  • Excellent Academic Strengths
  • Student support and Pastoral Care
  • World class faculty
  • Flexible learning solutions

Academic Strengths

Not only do our tutors have outstanding academic qualifications, but many also have extensive experience in senior management positions, making your studies a perfect balance of academic and practical learning. In addition, our tutors have many years teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Our small class sizes and online personalised teaching methods all contribute to the LCMT’s outstanding pass rates in all qualifications.

Student Support and Pastoral Care

We are particularly well known for our individual care and attention and each student is unique and important to us. Our friendly staff and experienced tutors are here to help you succeed every step of the way. Every student has a designated tutor along with access to a counsellor and College doctor. We operate an open-door policy which means that there is always a staff member ready to help you either on skype, or video conferencing or on phone. Additionally, we are proud of the diversity of our students, whose various nationalities and widely differing backgrounds offer great networking opportunities.

LCMT provides fast-track programmes thereby widening access to an increasing number of students who plans to complete the qualification sooner to seek employment. LCMT offers flexible timetabling and one-to-one mentoring for those who find that they could benefit from additional support, whether for academic or personal requirements.


Most of our programmes allow you to start your studies online each month with most subjects being assessed rather than examined. You can enrol on our English Language Preparation programme on any Monday.


LCMT also operates a Quality Monitoring Board (QMB) to ensure that we are always delivering accredited online courses and resources to meet your learning needs. This Board meets regularly to assess:

  • Specific student issues
  • Any quality issues for university partners
  • Monitoring of assessment standards
  • Monitoring of material content against learning outcomes
  • Specific operational issues as they affect quality and customer service

The Board Members include respected academic and business leaders. Outcomes of the reviews are shared online to ensure transparency and understanding amongst our partners and students. All feedback is welcomed so that issues can be formally raised via the QMB in a professional and objective manner.


LCMT operates to the highest academic standards and has multiple structures in place that ensure the standard of education provided to its students is of the highest quality. Below is a list of Corporate bodies we belong to and associations we are a part of:

GMU Marconi University
Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi internationally referred to as Guglielmo Marconi University, is the first Italian Open University recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). It currently has 16.000 students enrolled across 6 Schools: Business, Law, Political Sciences, Applied Sciences &Technologies, Arts, Education Science.

GMU offers a wide range of lectures, workshops, and research ventures, exploring the use of technological advancements in education, providing interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and competences, with a particular focus on global perspectives, contemporary culture.

GMU U-Multi rank classification

The University of Guglielmo Marconi appears among the top 25 top performers worldwide in the categories of the U-Multi rank ranking system for:
Joint International Publications

Italy: Guglielmo Marconi University is the first online university accredited to the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR).

Greece: Guglielmo Marconi University has been accredited since 2010 to the Hellenic National Centre for Information and Academic Recognition (DOATAP) and offers degrees in modern languages and literature, psychology and education sciences, as well as a master’s degree in leadership, management and technologies of education

ATHE Recognition

Awards for Training and Higher Education provides centers with a wide variety of qualifications including, but not limited to, administration management, business, tourism, law, computing and health and social care. ATHE have made a name for themselves with exceptional customer service, excellent quality standards and rewarding qualifications with progression routes to university degrees.

London School of Executive Training

LCMT is a sister concern of London School of Executive Training (LSET). LSET is a dynamic institution located in the heart of London. LSET offers short term training programmes in a variety of disciplines and it is keen to drive global transformation by offering highly specialised short term courses to the variety of audiences including Students, Business Leaders, Bureaucrats, Politicians, Lawyers, Law Interns, Bankers, Trainee Students – Law, Management and Hospitality sectors, Faculties and other professionals. Programme duration ranges between one week to four weeks depending upon the nature of the programme and its participants, although some programmes may last for up to 6 months duration.


NCFE is regulated by Ofqual, and it is an educational charity and leader in vocational and technical learning which combines over 170 years of education experience with deep insight, working with a network of expert collaborators to shape smarter solutions around the greatest learning needs.

As the third biggest technical and vocational awarding organisation in the UK, NCFE certificate hundreds of thousands of learners each year. NCFE has registered nearly 10,000 apprentices with over 13,000 assessments taken, with an 85% first time pass rate. NCFE engaged with nearly 500 stakeholders in our T Level technical qualification development work to ensure learners will excel in their chosen career path. NCFE has undertaken over 1.3m assessments in the post-16 employability and skills sector to understand starting points and set learners up for success.

London College of Management and Technology is an approved NCFE partner institution to deliver UK Govt approved accredited programmes.

OFQUAL Recognised Partnerships
All learning materials are designed and written by professional academic authors so that each interactive module is aligned against specific learning criteria specified by OFQUAL, The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England. LCMT works with OFQUAL recognised Awarding Organisations in UK for the verification of our programmes. These standards ensure those that learn with us receive a high-quality education along with certification that is recognised universally by Universities and employers.

Partner University Qualifications

On completion of the final assignments, students are awarded a recognised Diploma, Bachelors or Masters qualifications. These Diplomas can be used to top up to a full undergraduate degree or MBA at a variety of UK universities, either on campus or by distance learning.