About Us

London College of Management and Technology (LCMT) stands as a distinguished independent education and training institution, specialising in delivering expert-driven programmes in key areas such as Business, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Project Management, Computing, Data and Hospitality Management. Catering to both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, LCMT London is dedicated to equipping students with the advanced knowledge, skills, and values necessary for excelling in the international job market. Our curriculum is designed to not only enhance employability but also to inspire students to become innovative entrepreneurs.

The online programmes at LCMT London are expertly chosen, ensuring that the learners gain the utmost value during their engagement with us. We prioritise relevance and applicability to one’s career path, hence each programme boasts a flexible structure. This flexibility is complemented by multiple start dates throughout the year and competitive tuition fees, making our courses highly accessible and tailored to meet the varied needs of our students. This adaptability positions LCMT London as an ideal institution for individuals at the onset of their careers or those seeking alternative pathways to degree, postgraduate, or professional qualifications.

LCMT London’s innovative approach to online education is epitomised by our top-up degree options, which provide a unique pathway for students to achieve a full undergraduate or MBA qualification by integrating their previous academic achievements with an additional year of full-time study. This method not only acknowledges and builds upon the foundational knowledge gained from prior studies but also awards a comprehensive undergraduate or MBA certificate. Graduates of our top-up degrees emerge with specialist skills and knowledge that are highly valued across a myriad of industries worldwide, thereby granting them a competitive edge in the global job market and opening doors to senior management roles in diverse fields.

All the programmes offered by LCMT London are approved by Ofqual (Via awarding bodies), affirming their alignment with the stringent standards expected within the UK educational landscape. These pathways provide numerous progression routes into traditional UK universities, underscoring our commitment to making high-quality education accessible. LCMT London adopts a local-to-global approach in delivering its degrees and courses.

Moreover, our courses are pragmatically designed to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life projects, ensuring that students are not only academically prepared but also primed for the professional world upon graduation. Impressively, the cost of our programmes is up to 90% lower than those offered by mainstream traditional UK universities, making premier education both accessible and affordable.

In essence, LCMT London’s online programmes are thoughtfully tailored to cater to the distinct needs of our students and employers, offering a harmonious blend of flexibility, affordability, and excellence in education. Whether you’re initiating your career journey or aiming to elevate it, LCMT London offers a comprehensive, cost-effective educational pathway, enriched with global exposure and practical experience.