Becoming Part of LCMT London

Joining LCMT London is a streamlined and straightforward process, designed to get you started on your educational journey with ease. As an online institution, we understand the importance of a simple admissions process that allows you to quickly transition from applicant to enrolled student.

Admissions Process

Step 1: Choose Your Programme

Begin by selecting the online programme that aligns with your career aspirations and interests. Detailed information about each course is available on our website to help you make an informed decision.

Step 2: Submit Your Application

Fill out the online application form on our website, providing your personal details, educational background, and any relevant work experience. Ensure that you meet the generic and individual course criteria before submitting your application.

Step 3: Acknowledgement of Application

Once your application is submitted, you will receive an acknowledgement email from us. This confirms that we have received your application and are in the process of reviewing it.

Step 4: Offer Letter

After reviewing your application, we will issue an offer letter if you meet the admission criteria. This letter will outline the next steps in the admissions process and any conditions that may need to be met.

Step 5: Fee Payment

Upon accepting the offer, you will be required to pay the tuition fees. Payment instructions will be provided in the offer letter. It’s important to make the payment by the specified deadline to secure your place in the programme.

Step 6: Enrolment Confirmation

After the tuition fees are received, we will send you an enrolment letter and login details to the learning portal. This letter confirms your enrolment in the programme and provides all the necessary information to start your learning journey.

Step 7: Begin Your Studies

With your enrolment confirmed and login details in hand, you are ready to begin your studies. Our online learning portal gives you access to all course materials, resources, and forums where you can connect with peers and instructors.