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The Level 5 Diploma in Information Technology, provided by LCMT London and accredited by Qualifi, UK, is designed to forge a career pathway for learners aiming to amass a comprehensive array of knowledge and skills, thereby facilitating their proficiency in multiple roles within the IT sector. This includes specialisations such as .NET programming, system administration, and network security, alongside entrepreneurial skills within a technology-driven environment.

This qualification distinguishes itself through its flexibility, offering elective modules in networking, web design, or e-commerce, with the latter being particularly sought after in the contemporary business landscape. The technical expertise and knowledge imparted through the successful completion of this programme are globally recognised and required. Accredited at Level 5, the diploma carries a total of 120 credits, ensuring learners are well-equipped for both international career opportunities and further educational pursuits.

Aims and Career Progression:

The aims of the Level 5 Diploma in Information Technology at LCMT London are designed to provide learners with a robust foundation for a successful career in the IT sector, promoting a deeper comprehension of the field while supporting the development of essential technical competencies. The primary objectives of this qualification include:

Empowering Learners with Analytical Skills: Equip learners with the ability to apply analytical and evaluative techniques across various business contexts, both in private and public sectors.

  • Enhancing Industry-Relevant Skills: Boost analytical and evaluative skills pertinent to a range of industries, enabling learners to adapt and excel in diverse business environments.
  • Fostering Personal and Professional Growth: Cultivate the ability for self-reflection and recognition of personal learning and development processes, thereby enhancing key personal, social, and other transferable skills.
  • Encouraging Comprehensive Development: Motivate learners to engage in self-reflection, and to further develop their analytical, intellectual, and transferable skills essential for a successful career in information technology.

The Level 5 Diploma in Information Technology at LCMT London, accredited by Qualifi, UK, is crafted to offer a comprehensive career trajectory for individuals keen on expanding their expertise and skills across a variety of roles within the IT industry. This includes specialised areas such as .NET programming, system administration, and network security. Additionally, the programme introduces learners to entrepreneurship in the technology sector, equipping them with the knowledge to innovate and lead in a digital landscape.

This qualification is distinguished by its flexibility, providing elective modules in key areas like networking, web design, or e-commerce, the latter of which is increasingly crucial in today’s business world. Through the successful completion of the program, learners will acquire technical skills and knowledge that are internationally recognized and necessary for a career in IT. Accredited at Level 5, the diploma awards a total of 120 credits.

Mandatory Units (Total Credits: 80):

The Level 5 Diploma in Information Technology includes four mandatory units, amounting to a combined total of 80 credits:

  1. Technopreneurship (20 credits): A comprehensive exploration of entrepreneurship in the technology sector, preparing learners to innovate and lead in digital business ventures.
  2. Network Security (20 credits): Focuses on the critical aspects of protecting and securing computer networks, essential for system administrators and IT professionals.
  3. C#.NET Programming (20 credits): Offers in-depth knowledge and practical skills in C#.NET programming, enabling learners to develop robust applications and software solutions.
  4. System Administration (20 credits): Equips learners with the skills to manage and maintain computer systems, ensuring efficient and secure IT operations. 

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Successful graduates have the opportunity to progress to:

  • Final year of Undergraduate study, or
  • Level 6 Diploma in Information Technology, or
  • BSc (Hons) in Business Computing and Information Systems degree, or
  • Directly into employment in an associated profession.
  • Qualification Identification: Qualification Number: 603/4791/0


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