Level 4 Diploma in Business Management

120 Credits

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Embark on a journey of entrepreneurial discovery with our Diploma in Entrepreneurship – Level 4. Accredited by Qualifi UK, this qualification is tailored to nurture and recognise the business leaders of tomorrow. Through this programme, we aim to foster both academic and professional growth, empowering learners to realise their full potential and contribute to the success of organisations across diverse sectors.

Aims of this Level 4 Diploma in Entrepreneurship Qualification:

The programme aims to provide individuals with the opportunity to forge a career in business by gaining comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the industry. It supports personal development into senior positions and aims to:

  • Enable learners to apply analytical and evaluative techniques to business in private and public sectors.
  • Enhance analytical and evaluative skills relating to business across various industries.
  • Develop the learner’s ability to recognise and reflect on the process of personal learning and development, facilitating the enhancement of key personal, sociable, and other transferable skills.
  • Encourage self-reflection, analytical, intellectual, and transferable skills.

The Diploma in Entrepreneurship – Level 4, a qualification accredited by Qualifi, UK, is meticulously crafted to cultivate and reward the business leaders of today and tomorrow. Its primary aim is to elevate recognition and professionalism within the management sectors. This programme is envisioned to foster both academic and professional growth, empowering learners to not only realise their individual potential but also contribute to the advancement of organisations across diverse sectors.

The Level 4 Diploma in Entrepreneurship – Level 4 consists of 10 mandatory units contributing to a total of 120 credits.

  1. Managing Business Operations (12 credits)
  2. Business Environment (12 credits)
  3. Personal Effectiveness (12 credits)
  4. The Entrepreneurial Manager (12 credits)
  5. Business Planning and Goal Setting (12 credits)
  6. The Manager’s Toolkit (12 credits)
  7. Managing and Using Finance (12 credits)
  8. Managing and Using Marketing (12 credits)
  9. Psychology of Entrepreneurship (12 credits)
  10. Innovation and Creativity (12 credits)
  • Undergraduate Level Programme:** This course is the springboard to a three-year undergraduate university degree, serving as the inaugural step towards academic and professional excellence. Upon completion, you have the pathway to:
    • Progress to the second year of an esteemed UK university’s three-year honours degree.
    • Advance to Level 5 courses or embark on the second year of an undergraduate programme.
    • Direct entry into a career within a related profession.
  • Certification Accreditation:** Our programme awarded by Qualifi, holds accreditation from OfQual (Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulation), a distinguished UK Government authority.
  • Qualification Identification:** Qualification Number: 603/4238/9


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    Key Highlights
    • Programme Duration: 9 Months (Can be completed within 6 months)
    • Programme Credits: 120
    • Designed for Working Professionals
    • Format: Online
    • Assessment: Assignment-based
    • Tutor Assistance Available
    • Dedicated Student Success Manager
    • Regular Networking Events with Industry Professionals
    • Direct Entry into the Second Year of a Three-year UK Bachelor’s Degree
    • Alumni Status
    • No-Cost EMI Option
    • Fast Track Mode Available
    Career Progression

    Upon completion of the Diploma in Entrepreneurship – Level 4, learners can progress to:

    • Level 5 Diploma in Business Management
    • Level 5 Diploma in Business Enterprise
    • Combined Level 5 + Level 6 Diploma in Business Management – 240 Credits Qualification
    • BA (Hons) in Business Management Degree Qualification
    • The Second year of undergraduate study
    • Directly into employment in an associated profession