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Transform Your Future with LCMT London’s Online BSc in Business Management.

LCMT London is delighted to offer the BSc (Hons) Business Management programme, an esteemed online course designed to position you at the forefront of the business sector. Endorsed by the UK’s educational standards authority, Ofqual, and awarded by the respected University of Bolton, this programme stands as a beacon of excellence and global recognition. With a comprehensive framework of 360 credits, it is meticulously crafted to sculpt you into a leader prepared to navigate the complexities of the business landscape.


Elevate your career in the vibrant arena of business management with LCMT London’s BSc (Hons) Business Management programme, delivered entirely online. Accredited by Ofqual, UK, this prestigious qualification is conferred by the highly-regarded University of Bolton, opening a myriad of global opportunities. This all-encompassing 360-credit course is meticulously designed to endow you with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in the competitive business milieu. Our distinctive dual-stage method ensures a comprehensive education, culminating in a much-sought-after degree.

Throughout your studies, evaluations are conducted exclusively through assignments, placing a premium on practical application and analytical thinking, thus significantly boosting your employability. Embark on this educational odyssey with us, and upon successful completion, you will be the proud holder of a BSc (Hons) Business Management degree from the University of Bolton. Opting for our BSc (Hons) Business Management programme is your initial step towards a prosperous and rewarding career in business. Seize this chance to gain the competencies required to stand out in today’s dynamic business landscape. Join us now and fortify your future in business management.


Stage 1-A: Level 4 Mandatory Units (Total Credits: 120)


This stage is facilitated by LCMT London through an online Learning Management System (LMS). This phase leads to the attainment of the Level 4 Diploma in Business Management, endorsed by Ofqual, UK, earning you 120 credits. 


  • Developing Teams (20 credits) – 4 weeks
  • Business Operations (20 credits) – 4 weeks
  • Managing Change (20 credits) – 4 weeks
  • Financial Awareness (20 credits) – 4 weeks
  • Leadership and the Organisation (20 credits) – 4 weeks
  • Communication in an Organisation (20 credits) – 4 weeks


Stage 1-B: Level 5 Mandatory Units (Total Credits: 120)


Continuing with LCMT London, this segment also utilises the online LMS, culminating in the Level 5 Diploma in Business Management, recognised by Ofqual, UK. This stage contributes another 120 credits to your journey. 


  • Risk Management and Organisations (20 credits) – 4 weeks
  • Customer Management (20 credits) – 4 weeks
  • Business Models and Growing Organisations (20 credits) – 4 weeks
  • Business Development (20 credits) – 4 weeks
  • Effective Decision Making (20 credits) – 4 weeks
  • Responding to the Changing Business Environment (20 credits) – 4 weeks

Stage 2 – University Delivered (Total Credits: 120)


Upon completing the Level 5 Diploma programme, you progress to the BSc (Hons) Business Management degree through a UK University. This final stage is imparted via distance learning by the University’s faculties/professors, rounding off your credits to 360.


Upon successful completion of the BSc (Hons) Business Management programme, offered in partnership with the University of Bolton and delivered by LCMT London, graduates unlock a wealth of opportunities tailored to foster career advancement and continued educational growth:

  • Career Advancement: Graduates are exceptionally well-prepared for a spectrum of roles within the business sector, such as strategic management positions, project management, business consultancy, and leadership roles across various industries. The programme’s focus on real-world application and critical thinking skills ensures graduates are competitive in the job market.
  • Master’s Degree Programmes: For those looking to further their education, graduates have the opportunity to progress to Master’s degree programmes in related fields of management. This includes specialisations such as an MBA, MSc in International Business Management, MSc in Strategic Management, among others, available at universities worldwide.
  • Research Opportunities: Graduates interested in academic research and contributing to the body of knowledge in business management can pursue research positions or enrol in PhD programmes. This path is ideal for those looking to delve deeper into specific areas of interest within business and management.
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures: Equipped with comprehensive knowledge and critical business management skills, graduates are also well-positioned to start their own businesses or become entrepreneurs. The programme encourages innovative thinking and provides the tools needed to successfully establish and manage new ventures.


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    Program Essentials
    • Duration: Choose between a condensed 24-month track or a more relaxed 3-year option.
    • Accreditation: Fully accredited by Ofqual, UK, guaranteeing international recognition of your qualification.
    • Mode of Study: Entirely online, offering the flexibility to learn from anywhere, at any time, on your preferred device.
    • Assessment Method: Based on assignments, promoting practical application and analytical thinking without the pressure of exams.
    • Support and Resources: Access to comprehensive study materials, a dedicated success manager, and interactive online lectures.
    • Networking: Benefit from exclusive networking events and alumni status, connecting you with industry leaders and peers.


    Career Pathways:

    Upon completing the BSc (Hons) Business Management programme, graduates are well-equipped for success in roles such as Operations Manager, Financial Analyst, Marketing Manager, among others. Additionally, the programme facilitates a seamless progression to postgraduate studies, including MBA programmes at prestigious universities or direct initiation into professional careers.


    Advancement Opportunities:

    After graduation, there are numerous pathways for further education, including Master’s and Level 7 qualifications in a variety of disciplines, from Strategic Management to Health and Social Care Management. These options expand your professional capabilities and open doors to new opportunities.