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Transform Your Career with LCMT London’s Online BSc in Business Computing and Information Systems.

LCMT London offers an online BSc (Hons) Business Computing and Information Systems programme, designed to equip you with essential knowledge, technical expertise, and interpersonal skills necessary for excelling in the modern computing industry. This programme, focusing on the design, implementation, and management of contemporary computer systems, prepares you to become a professional computer practitioner ready to tackle the challenges and responsibilities in the computing sector

Important Information:

  • Undergraduate Qualification: Opens doors to higher salary, professional reputation, and networking opportunities.
  • Progression: Graduates can advance to postgraduate Master’s degrees or Level 7 qualifications in Information Technology.
  • Eligibility: Note that individuals from specific countries are not permitted to enrol in this programme due to regulations.
Programme Overview

programme is accessible from anywhere, supporting your educational journey with comprehensive study materials and no-cost EMI payment options.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Comprehensive IT Skills: Develops expertise in system specification, development, maintenance, and management.
  • Networking and Databases: Enhances understanding of computer networks, modern database systems, and their management.
  • Business Support Systems: Focuses on business information systems that support management functions, preparing you for a variety of roles in the IT and business sectors.

Course Content Includes:

  • Advanced Database Management Systems
  • Corporate Communications Systems Management
  • eBusiness
  • Managing Information Systems Projects
  • Information Systems Project
Programme Outline

This programme is meticulously designed to furnish graduates with vital knowledge, technical prowess, and interpersonal skills. These are crucial for active participation in the design, implementation, and management of contemporary computer systems, thereby preparing them to be professionally-minded computer practitioners. They will be ready to face the responsibilities and challenges presented by the rapidly evolving computing industry.

Stage 1-A: Level 4 Core Units

Total Credits: 80

Delivered through an online Learning Management System (LMS), this stage culminates in the award of a Level 4 Diploma in Information Technology, recognised by Ofqual, UK. It consists of 4 mandatory units accumulating a total of 80 credits:

  1. Information Technology and IT Ethics (20 credits): A comprehensive introduction to IT principles and ethical considerations in the digital age.
  2. Mathematics and Statistics for IT (20 credits): Critical mathematical and statistical concepts tailored for IT applications.
  3. PC Maintenance and Operating Systems (20 credits): Covering essential PC maintenance techniques and an overview of operating systems.
  4. Computer Graphics Editing and Database Concepts (20 credits): An exploration of graphic editing tools and fundamental database concepts.

Stage 1-A: Level 4 Elective Units

Total Credits: 40

Students are to choose any 2 units from the following for a combined total of 40 credits:

  1. Logical IT Networking (20 credits)
  2. Physical IT Networking (20 credits)
  3. Web Programming (20 credits)
  4. Graphical User Interface (GUI) Design (20 credits)
  5. Programming Concepts and Java for Android Programming (20 credits)

Stage 1-B: Level 5 Core Units 

Total Credits: 80

The Level 5 Diploma in Information Technology comprises 4 mandatory units for a total of 80 credits:

  1. Technopreneurship (20 credits): Merging technology with entrepreneurship, this module prepares students for innovative business ventures in the tech industry.
  2. Network Security (20 credits): Focused on securing networks against various cyber threats.
  3. C#.NET Programming (20 credits): An in-depth look at programming with C# within the .NET framework.
  4. System Administration (20 credits): Essential skills for managing and operating computer systems.

Stage 1-B: Level 5 Elective Units

Total Credits: 40

Choose any two optional units from the following for a combined total of 40 credits:

  1. Network Routing and Switching (20 credits)
  2. Network Design and Administration (20 credits)
  3. Content Management Systems (20 credits)
  4. Web Design (20 credits)
  5. Business to Business (B2B) E-commerce (20 credits)
  6. Business to Consumer (B2C) E-commerce (20 credits)

Stage 2 – Degree Completion

Total Credits: 120

Upon successful completion of the Level 5 Diploma, students progress to top up with a degree through LCMT London, culminating in the BSc (Hons) Business Computing degree. This final stage is delivered online by esteemed faculty members and professors from the university, totalling 120 credits.

This curriculum is structured to ensure graduates of LCMT London’s BSc (Hons) Business Computing programme are not just academically equipped but are also ready to meet the practical demands of the computing industry.


Upon successfully completing the BSc (Hons) Business Computing and Information Systems programme, offered in collaboration with the University of Bolton and delivered by LCMT London, graduates are presented with numerous opportunities designed to enhance their career prospects and encourage further educational development:

  • Career Advancement: Graduates are thoroughly prepared for various roles within the IT and computing sectors, including systems analysis, network administration, IT project management, cybersecurity analysis, and software development. The curriculum’s emphasis on practical skills, technological proficiency, and critical thinking ensures graduates are highly competitive in the tech job market.
  • Master’s Degree Programmes: Those interested in furthering their education have the opportunity to progress to Master’s degree programmes in fields related to computing and information systems. This can include specialisations such as an MSc in Information Technology, MSc in Cybersecurity, MSc in Computer Science, and more, offered by universities around the globe.
  • Research Opportunities: Graduates with a passion for academic research and a desire to contribute to the technological body of knowledge can pursue research roles or enroll in PhD programmes. This option is suited for those who wish to explore in-depth areas of interest within computing and information systems.
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures: With a solid foundation in business computing and information systems, graduates are also in a prime position to launch their own tech startups or engage in entrepreneurial activities. The programme fosters innovative thinking and equips students with the necessary skills to successfully navigate the challenges of starting and managing technology-driven ventures.



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    Career Progression

    This programme is ideal for those aiming to elevate their careers in the Business Computing and Information Systems domain, providing a strong foundation for both employment and further academic pursuits, such as pursuing a Master’s degree in Information Technology or related fields

    Programme Highlights:
    • Duration: Flexible study options with 24 months or an extended 3-year duration.
    • Credits: A comprehensive 360-credit course.
    • Mode: 100% online, allowing study from anywhere at your convenience.
    • Assessment: Through assignment submissions, eliminating the need for written exams.
    • Support: Includes e-library access, dedicated student success manager, and online lectures.
    • Networking: Regular events with industry professionals and alumni status upon completion.
    • Graduation: Invitation to a graduation ceremony in the UK, celebrating your achievement.