Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

120 Credits

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This qualification aims to not only impart essential strategic management and leadership knowledge but also to instil a robust foundation for lifelong learning and professional development.

Programme Overview

Our Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership – Level 7, endorsed by Qualifi, UK, is strategically crafted to enhance the skill set of today’s business leaders and those of the future, fostering professional growth and distinction in the management field.

This programme at LCMT London is designed to encourage learners to engage in critical analysis, question and amalgamate a diverse array of contemporary management techniques and methodologies. The focus is on the applicability of these paradigms within the dynamic milieu of 21st-century business, transcending traditional Anglo-American management theories.

At the seventh tier, there is a pronounced focus on modifying management precepts, tools, and methodologies to be congruent with the unique culture of an organisation and on employing critical reflective thought. The curriculum encapsulates all essential business disciplines, illustrating their interconnectedness and cohesive function within a corporate setting.

The compulsory segments of the course provide an exhaustive exploration of pivotal organisational themes pertinent to strategic decision-making, aiding in steering the organisation towards achieving its strategic goals.

Elective modules afford scholars the liberty to tailor their academic journey in alignment with their career aspirations. The ‘Finance for Managers’ module comes highly recommended for aspirants who have not previously engaged with financial aspects of management.

This diploma serves as a springboard, equipping learners with the independence and motivation to pursue continuous professional and personal development throughout their careers.

Programme Outline

The Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership at LCMT London is meticulously designed to develop independent, self-motivated learners, equipped with the necessary tools to foster ongoing learning and reflective practice throughout their careers.

Core Modules (Mandatory) – 90 Credits Total

The core of this Level 7 Diploma lies in its comprehensive set of mandatory modules, each crafted to bolster the learner’s capacity to function as an efficacious strategic manager and leader. To complete this section, learners are required to undertake all six core modules listed below.

Core Readings (6 Units):

  1. Enhancing Team Performance for Strategic Objectives (15 credits) – A four-week exploration of how to leverage team dynamics to meet strategic goals effectively.
  2. Strategic Information Management and Decision Making (15 credits) – This four-week unit delves into the strategic handling of information for optimal decision-making.
  3. Orchestrating a Strategic Management Project (15 credits) – Over four weeks, learn to lead pivotal projects that align with organizational strategy.
  4. Formulating Strategic Direction (15 credits) – A course over four weeks on setting the strategic compass for the business.
  5. Strategic Planning Mastery (15 credits) – An intensive four-week insight into the frameworks of strategic planning.
  6. Evolution as a Strategic Manager (15 credits) – A module designed to span four weeks, focusing on personal development in a strategic management context.

Elective Modules (Optional) – Choose 2 for 30 Credits

Complementing the mandatory modules, learners have the option to select two specialised units from the following four, allowing for a tailored educational experience that supports their individual career trajectory.

Optional Readings (4 Units):

  1. Financial Acumen for Managers (15 credits) – Ideal for those without a financial background, this four-week course imparts essential financial management skills.
  2. Strategic Marketing Insights (15 credits) – A four-week examination of marketing strategies in a contemporary business environment.
  3. Strategies for Organizational Change (15 credits) – Delve into change management over four weeks, learning to navigate and implement effective change strategies.
  4. Human Resource Planning in a Strategic Context (15 credits) – Over four weeks, explore the strategic elements of HR planning and its impact on organizational success.


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    Important Course Information

    Postgraduate Pathways:

    Upon successful completion, this course facilitates progression to various academic and professional avenues including:

    • An MBA Degree at a UK University
    • A Master’s Degree at a UK University
    • A Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management
    • Direct entry into a related profession 

    Accreditation and Recognition:

    The diploma is accredited by Ofqual (Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulation), the UK government’s regulatory body.

    Qualification Number: The current qualification number is 601/5335/0.

    Programme Overview
    • Global Alumni Network: Over a thousand successful graduates
    • Study Schedule: Customizable
    • Mode: Online Interactive Learning
    • Evaluation: Continuous coursework assessment
    • Accreditation: Qualifi-endorsed, Ofqual-regulated
    • Recognition: Worldwide accreditation
    • Enrolment: Open year-round
    • Support: Ongoing live webinars
    • Alumni Privileges: Membership to LCMT London’s exclusive circle
    • Payment: Flexible, interest-free options